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"What I like about Wizards is the level of integrity and honesty people get to and how easy it is to get there. Wizards feels like an endless party with my very best friends."

–Pieta van der Ham

The Avatar Wizard Course • October 31 to November 12, 2022

Student Insights


I am in awe of the space that was created for The Wizard Course. I am changed. The work that everyone at Star’s Edge has done before and during the course really allowed me to explore on the deepest levels.

I am able to resolve core issues around commitment, betrayal of trust and service to self. I finally realized what is important in this life, and I want to do my part and contribute to an EPC.

Committing to something greater than my egoistic needs really took the charge off the need.

I am inspired.

Sharon DeLong

• • • •

So open, this feeling of welcomed vulnerability, gratitude and connection. I was able to discreate a hidden agenda that molded major events and experiences that I had associated with all my life. It was part of how I defined “I”. To have let go of this self-serving and sabotaging pattern and recognize it for the creation it was has freed up an unbelievable amount of attention and unleashed immeasurable outflow of love.

Thank you, Harry, for giving us the tools to reach and be our higher selves.

Della Smith
The Netherlands

• • • •

Incredible, wonderful, amazing, great, deep, brilliant... I need a bigger dictionary to find some other words for this course.

All these exercises are clearing up the clouds in my mind and I have the feeling it’s a new world I see now.

Martina Eitner-Acheampong

• • • •

The Wizard materials are a key that unlocks the gate of desire and resistance standing between you and an endless sea of free attention. All it takes is your willingness and intention to open that gate...and step beyond.

Dale Sims

• • • •

I love this course! I feel myself and my life becoming lighter. Maybe I will be flying at the end of this course. Now I realize that an EPC is really up to my honesty. Harry, thanks for giving me a chance to join the EPC.

Anne Tokko

• • • •

Dear Harry,

I am so grateful for what you’ve created – this course, the tools, the opportunity for healing and helping. This work is a gift to myself, those in my life, and to the planet. I am so humbled by the positive power and possibilities that happen here.

Thank you, Harry. This was worth growing up and waiting for. Your commitment to us all continues to inspire me.

Debbi Llata

• • • •

Wizards is a path toward grace. Sometimes, I fell down but getting up and going on again on the path was natural. I was always supported. I feel that humanity asks nothing better than having the opportunity to evolve. I feel it is my privilege and honor to inspire people toward this concrete
possibility. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Giovanna Glionna

• • • •

Thank you forever. These were the most amazing weeks of my life. I came grateful to have my best friends here becoming Wizards by my side, only to look around the room today at the thousands of best friends a person could ever imagine.

I’m feeling the sacred connection so deeply along with the sacred contract we have made to each other to flow power and good intentions forward in a flooding tide of awakening!

What a joy, honor and priviledge to be here now with you. The talks and demos are incredible and inspiring, planting seeds accross the planet.

Linda Waters

• • • •

It’s all about showing up. Next, having the courage to do the work and not settle for “sort-of”. Going all the way...through the suffering.

I found that the suffering is only a moment in time if I but have the courage to show up. When I don’t show up, I haven’t the courage to suffer. It’s a dreadful loop.

Thank you for finding the exit door and the courage to share it.

Adelaide Lowrey

• • • •

No words can describe the joy and gratitude in my heart, and the gifts that I’ve received. I graciously and humbly receive them and take them with me into the world knowing that we are connected in consciousness in between the moments that we are physically together.

This work has touched my life, and those in my life, deeply. I feel at source as I never have before and truly know Avatar as a spiritual path.

Georgina Kartsonis

• • • •

I was finally able to start taking responsibility of my life. I became free of being a victim. I freed myself from the delusion that not taking resposibility and blaming others was sweet and carefree (unconsciously) and was able to feel the happiness coming from the freedom and power of taking responsibility myself.

The primary I created before coming to this course was intuitive; “I become the real me at this course”. I really didn’t know what that meant. But by confronting my ego and being compassionate, I’m sensing that I can feel myself to be a real compassionate being

I also realized that others may be, too. It was a life-changing realization.

Tomiyo Saiwai

• • • •

This course is an exceptional experience. I could take a deep view into myself and I clearly could see why things happened in my life.

I also very much enjoyed your talks; you spoke directly into my heart. I was very touched when you said, “I asked Avra to find companions for me and she found you all!”

What a wonderful, modest person you are. Thank you and your great team, for the wonderful time.

Irene Ibañez

• • • •


For the first time in my life I feel really proud of myself. At last I have managed to achieve something that I truly value. My sense of isolation is gone. I belong here.

Shevaun Rafferty
United Kingdom

• • • •

I came here to really enjoy the 13 days and to change my life. I’d been discouraged and tired out by life and convinced myself that that’s just how life is. But just with a few Wizard Course exercises I really can change my life.

I never realized that it was so much fun for things to become clear. I just love the work. I’m celebrating in a big way. Thank you.

Machiko Yamada

• • • •

I really enjoyed this experience. I feel like I’ve really opened up. It’s such a better place to be at the crossroads of past patterns and future choices than lost in the maze of prior creations. Thank you again for such an eye-opening, life-changing opportunity. I am happy to share all of this with you. Thank you for having me be a part of your primary.

Palmer McLean

• • • •

Dear Harry,

Now that this wonderful course is over, I am left with a tremendous gratitude to all the companions I met on my path to Wizards. Many of them I thanked in person, but most of them touched my life only once, but just in the exact right moment to inspire me to take a next step. Many of those I cannot thank in person, so with this thank you to you, I honor all of them.

Lila Dyhman
The Netherlands

• • • •

It’s great to feel the certainty I aquired these past 2 weeks. I feel quiet, relaxed, and at the same time I feel the urge to act, to get to work. I feel quiet and energized; weird and reassured.

Amazing, these feelings of having a purpose in life and to know that with all of us working as a team we will succeed together.

Iwan Nyst
The Netherlands

• • • •

This has been an indescribable transformation. The person I thought I was is someone totally different than who I really am. What an amazing discovery! In truly beginning to know myself, I can feel my world shifting in front of my eyes.

The healing has begun.

Demian Dressler

• • • •

This was probably the most empowering experience of my life; to follow my own heart to integrity, to handle whatever came up, to find my courage to dig deeper, to reveal myself to other beings. I feel strong and steady. Bring it on!

Jenny Brady

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