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The Avatar Wizard Course • October 31 to November 12, 2022

Course Outline

Part One: Creative Study

  • What is the Wizard’s gate?
  • What effort is behind the creation of mind?
  • How do you keep life from becoming serious?
  • What is the real danger of enlightenment?
  • How do Wizards use Avatar to defuse social conflicts?
  • How do you recognize if what you feel is indoctrination?
  • What is the relationship between curricula and social evolution?
  • How do Wizards become powerful centers of influence?
  • Can creative study accelerate your evolution? Raise your IQ? You decide.
  • Directly experience the phenomena that psychological paradigms were created to explain.
  • Learn how creative study differs from educational indoctrination.
  • Watch the four principles of study super-charge your ability to predict consequences and to discover new data.
  • Complete a series of simple processes to recover and conserve your attention.
  • Gain relief from exhaustion, confusion, uncertainty, stupidity, distraction, irritability.
  • Achieve success by using a group to increase your ability to think and extrapolate.

Part Two: You

  • What is the work-around for resistant secondaries?
  • How can you trick your mind into giving up information from the subconscious?
  • Where do secondaries come from and what is their pattern?
  • How can you raise your recognition of secondaries?
  • How can you fill your Avatar classes with students?
  • Explore aspects of awareness, perception, and consciousness that often go unnoticed.
  • Experience being as a very high order of perception.
  • Discover the personal core archetypes that structure your mind and create transparent standards by which you judge experience. Learn how to change them.
  • Learn about the two fundamental states of conscious reality and how to (dis)-create them.
  • Learn to use the amazing creation flow chart to identify and debug the stages between making the primary and manifesting the reality.
  • Learn to observe and experience from the viewpoint of higher self.
  • Explore the different modes of consciousness, and use them to gain a clearer insight into mental phenomena.

Part Three: Attention

  • What is neutral attention and where does it come from?
  • How do you turn charged attention into neutral attention?
  • What are the three functions of an attention particle?
  • What are the secrets of divination?
  • Learn why one person can easily create or discreate something, and another can succeed only after much effort.
  • Explore the connection between attention and belief, between intention and identity.
  • Explore physical phenomena created by desire and resistance.
  • Explore perspectives independent of "I" existing beyond consciousness.
  • Handle the addictions and tensions in your life on the Ambivalent Flow Rundown.

Part Four: Identity

  • What is the Wizard identity?
  • What are the four character­istics of an enemy?
  • How does the world feel about you?
  • How do you rise above peer pressure?
  • What is the difference between a sane game and an insane game?
  • What ideas determine the difference between empowerment and encumbrance?
  • Discover that the world is consciousness, but that you are not.
  • Learn to use attention to discover the identity you are in.
  • Experience the parallel scales of attitude and identity from the first primary to the solid mystery of matter.
  • Learn how identities cause suffering and create attachment, even after the death of the body.
  • Here's a game you win by not playing.
  • Twenty new rundowns that boost your power to operate within a group.
  • The Ultimate Ultimate Process.

Part Five: Entities

  • What led to the breakthrough research and rewrite of the entity rundown?
  • What is the real meaning behind classical spiritual paradigms?
  • The two paths to spiritual awareness: the stairway to heaven and the path of ascension.
  • Explore reality planes beyond the physical.
  • Take the grand tour of astral plane reality-Do Not Disturb.
  • Here is a simple technique for turning on astral perceptions.
  • Three types of troublesome entities and how they influence your life.
  • How to locate and handle entity influences with the Entity Handling Procedure (EHP).
  • Six new EHP rundowns. These may well be the simplest and most powerful rundowns ever developed.

Part Six: The Mission of Avatar

The Wizard's art is first and foremost a process of learning. Only after study and understanding does it become a process of expression. Art is a methodology copied from external nature and then accelerated. Art can produce in a short time what it takes nature eons to accomplish. Wizardry is a methodology copied from our internal nature and then accelerated. Wizardry can produce in a short time what it takes nature eons to accomplish. The extent of the proper application of the art of a Wizard is something that requires the imagination to evolve in order to even get a glimmer of the possibilities.

Every successful civilization has been the result of a core group of dedicated professionals that has laid the foundation and drafted the blueprints for the future. These are the individuals who get the show started. They are resourceful, often visionary, often unconventional. In the Star's Edge network, these are the Wizards. In respect to some inner call, they rise above the world and lay the foundation that was conceived some time ago for an enlightened planetary civilization.



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